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Assistant Catering Manager
Title:Assistant Catering Manager
Position: Assistant Catering Manager                 
Reports To:  Catering Manager
FLSA:   Exempt                                                                
AST UPDATED:  11/6/2012

Assistant Catering Manager – Dept: Food & Beverage Operations

JOB SUMMARY:  The Assistant Catering Manager is responsible for assisting the Catering Manager with the effective management and execution of on and off-site catering operations including: event planning support, scheduling, inventory, compliance with alcohol service polices, cleaning, safety, guest service, employee training and supervision, troubleshooting, closing duties, and any other tasks assigned by management.  This position will lead and supervise the efforts of all front of the house employees as it relates to guest service and serve as acting manager in the absence of the Catering Manager as needed.  Along with the Catering Manager the ACM works hand in hand with the Executive Chef and the Food & Beverage Manager to ensure all guests’ expectations are met or exceeded by providing the utmost quality of service on a consistent basis. 
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a service industry environment
  • At least a Working level of knowledge in the following:
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Internet
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize
  • Ability to work independently, while also being a strong “team player”
  • Strong organizational, process-oriented, time management and logical thinking skills
  • Strong judgment and analytical skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Excellent written and verbal communications
  • Prior experience of 2 years managing a team preferred
POST HIRE REQUIREMENTS (to be completed in the first 90 days):
  • New hire orientation
  • Harassment awareness
  • Occupational Injury/Illness
  • Accident/Incident Reporting
  • Drug & Substance abuse

The duties of this position are typically performed under minimal supervision.
Must be physically able to perform the Essential Functions of this role with or without reasonable accommodations.  This position supervises the Banquet Captains, Banquet Set-Up Captains, Banquet Set-up (AV), Servers, Housekeeping and Bartenders.
  1. Responsible for managing, developing and mentoring the Banquet Department staff which includes but is not limited to recruiting, hiring and training qualified banquet captains, servers, bartenders and set-up attendants.
  2. Assist in the weekly scheduling of banquet captains, servers, bartenders and set-up attendants.
  3. Assist in Event Planning Support, including but not limitied to assigning staff to events, creating and executing service plans.
  4. Design creative buffet and hors d’oeuvres presentations.
  1. PRINCIPAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES (Essential Functions) continued:
  1. Follow and assist in the implementation of systems to control product, labor and discretionary expenses in order to maximize profit.
  2. Handle any guest complaints should they arise in a sound and effective manner.  Actively solicit and act upon guest and employee feedback.  Be proactive in all situations that may have an adverse effect on the integrity of the operation.
  3. Investigate, clarify and resolve guest and employee concerns/ complaints.
  4. Promote and maintain safety, sanitation and cleanliness standards.
  5. Provide outstanding service to conference and off-premise catered events on a consistent basis.
  6. Oversee the servicing of all wine and liquor service.
  7. Continuously monitor and evaluate the requisition and product delivery systems for wine, liquor and linens in order to improve service.
  8. Ensure adequate quantities of china, glass and silver are clean and available for each function.
  9. Work closely with the Executive Chef and the Sales team on the servicing and communication of any changes relative to specific banquet functions.
  10. Attend weekly BEO (banquet event order) meetings as needed.
  11. Ensure Event Record is completed daily.
  12. Complete opening, running and closing checklists as needed.
  13. Follow-up on billing requirements specific to each function when completed.
  14. Work diligently to promptly handle any employee situations that may have an adverse effect on the integrity of the operation.
  15. Be an active participant in the leadership of all Food & Beverage employees.  When necessary, promptly counsel employees on their job performance, absenteeism or tardiness issues, or any other challenges which may arise.
  16. By being an active participant in event service create an environment that promotes quality and teamwork while supporting the mission and interests of the Bridgeport Conference Center and Charles Pointe Hospitality.
  17. Make sound judgment calls and decisions based on the principles of the Bridgeport Conference Center and Charles Pointe Hospitality.
  18. Adhere to all prescribed safety practices and procedures.
  19. As the scope of our business changes, so may the responsibilities of this position.
1.         Moderate amount of time spent exerting force up to 25 pounds and over 25 pounds with assistance.
2.         Physical demands with activity or condition existing almost continuously include: carrying, grasping, lifting/lowering, reaching and walking.
2.         Physical demands with activity or condition existing a considerable amount of time include: hearing and standing.
3.         Physical demands with activity or condition existing a moderate amount of time include:  balancing, stooping and typing/keyboarding.
4.         Physical demands with activity or condition existing occasionally include:  climbing (ramps, stairs), crouching, operating a motorized vehicle and sitting.
1.  Considerable work in the facility area
2.  Moderate work in the office area
3.  Moderate work at Off Site Locations
1.         Occasional amounts of overtime
2.         Occasionally attend meetings before/after normal work hours

1.         Almost continuous work in the office environment
1.         Almost continuous exposure to fluorescent lighting and computer screens
1.         Occasional overtime
2.         Occasionally attend meetings before/after normal work hours
  1. Considerable use of office supplies.
  2. Occasional use of cleaners
  3. Considerable use of banquet and set up equipment
  1. Keyboard Equipment (e.g., adding machines, calculators, computer keyboards and terminals, typewriters)
  2. Office Equipment (e.g., fax machine, photocopier)
  3. Banquet and Setup Equipment
  1. Dedicated: Must be both dependable and accountable for actions. Consistently demonstrates reliability to customers and co-workers.
  2. Responsible:  Maintains a work ethic that turns good service into great service in order to exceed customer expectations.
  3. Knowledgeable:  Has a willingness to learn. Works with attention to details, attempting to anticipate customer needs. Stays informed in order to make intelligent decisions.
  4. Consistent: Possesses a sincere desire to please, and an ability to follow service guidelines in order to provide each customer a positive experience. Demonstrates creativity in order to contribute to enhancements throughout the organization.
  5. Communicator: Uses the open door approach. Takes time to speak with customers, speaking clearly and using active-listening. Follows up when necessary and recognizes communication is the foundation for great service.
  6. Team Member: Has the ability to work both independently and with others. Receptive to change and compromise. Looks for appropriate solutions and works together to handle challenges in an attentive manner.
  7. Honest: Takes pride in work and works as if having personal ownership of each task, and a personal tie to each customer. Maintains the highest level of truthfulness.
  8. Motivated:  Enjoys people and work. Treats customers and co-workers with respect, and helps to create a respectful, fun environment.
  9. Appearance:  Takes pride in his/her appearance. Maintains the appropriate presentation at all times.
An Equal Opportunity Employer:  We provide equal opportunity without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, or disability.  EOE
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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